Can I modify my order once I have the order confirmation?

No. In order to guaranty a maximum of efficacy and quick service, your order will be treated immediately upon receipt.
Shall I enjoy the benefit of the better price mentioned yesterday on your site?

No, the prices are those mentioned on the site at the time you are placing the order.
Your item is cheaper on another site, what can you do?

Nothing. Our policy is strict and remains unchanged for everyone. The prices are those mentioned on the site and, except in case of typing mistake, result from a specific and well considered calculation corresponding to our marketing strategy.
When do we have to pay the transport fee ?

The transport fees are included in the prices. The transport charges related to the returned goods are at your expenses.
What will happen if I am not home for the delivery?

Someone must acknowledge upon receipt of your parcel. If you know that you will be out by the time of delivery you can ask for the delivery to an other address when you are placing your order. In case you are unexpectedly out at the time of delivery, the carrier will leave you a notice. You will then have to contact them in order to organise a new delivery.
Can I receive my parcel at a specific moment of the day ?

No, the delivery planning does not depend on us. It is determined by the carrier.
I am still waiting for my parcel?

In case you have not received your parcel and if you have received no delivery notice or any-e-mail, please contact us via our contact form and we will give you as quickly as possible the relevant details concerning your order.
Can I receive my parcel during the week-end ?

No, unfortunately there is no delivery during the week-end.
When shall I receive my new bike ?

The legal delivery time is 30 days but the parcels are usually delivered within 2 to 15 days. In case we should have any delay we would immediately inform you. However, if you have no news please do not hesitate to contact us. We will immediately check and give you the exact status of your order.
I have a technical question about one of your item, can you help me?

You can send us all your technical questions via our contact form we will do our best to answer you as quickly as possible.